The very positive experiences I’ve had working with EnRus over the years and my appreciation for the quality of their translation is witnessed in my use of their services as marketing and communications director for three companies—Microsoft (including translation of the Russian edition of Bill Gates’s book “Business @ the speed of Thought”), SAP, and Accenture in Russia.

I proudly endorse the EnRus team and CEO Natalie Shahova for their incredible language expertise, great client care, and rock solid execution.

You can always find a “not so bad translator,” but when it comes to finding a partner who:

– thoroughly understands all the technical and scientific language nuances of a complex field;

– is not only able to translate the words, but puts them in a way that is culturally appropriate for the intended audience, be it a business partner or customer, and helps you understand why this is important; and

– is educated and intelligent enough to adapt a complex content to a not so easy language...

...you can rely on this team. They really deliver.

Gamid Kostoev Marketing & Communications Lead for Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan Accenture