• Uptime Institute

    While working for various companies, I have been in touch with EnRus for about 10 years. Their strong points could take a while to list: robust work processes, encyclopedic knowledge, and their ability to work not only with texts, but also with layouts (InDesign), drawings (AutoCAD), and other document formats. Then there is their sense of humor. This reference note reads like nothing but a compliment, but all of it is the honest truth.

    Alexey Solodovnikov Managing Director, Russia and CIS Uptime Institute Russia
  • Accenture

    The very positive experiences I’ve had working with EnRus over the years and my appreciation for the quality of their translation is witnessed in my use of their services as marketing and communications director for three companies—Microsoft (including translation of the Russian edition of Bill Gates’s book “Business @ the speed of Thought”), SAP, and Accenture in Russia.

    I proudly endorse the EnRus team and CEO Natalie Shahova for their incredible language expertise, great client care, and rock solid execution.

    You can always find a “not so bad translator,” but when it comes to finding a partner who:

    – thoroughly understands all the technical and scientific language nuances of a complex field;

    – is not only able to translate the words, but puts them in a way that is culturally appropriate for the intended audience, be it a business... more » Gamid Kostoev Marketing & Communications Lead for Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan Accenture

  • American International Health Alliance

    Having tried numerous translation firms, I have now been working exclusively with EnRus since 1997; they are far and away the best, and for several reasons. They really get to know their clients, so they can better meet their translation needs. When the intention of a sentence or phrase they are translating is unclear, they check back with us to find out, rather than guessing. And they are meticulous about deadlines, quality control, and responsiveness, ensuring that they provide top-notch translations.

    Mark Storey Director Information and Communication Technology Programs
  • ASUSTeK Computers

    We have collaborated with EnRus since 1996, because of the expedient, high-quality translation services they provide. EnRus has translated a large number of manuals and marketing catalogs for ASUS. Our product manuals in particular require knowledge of very specific technical terms, which can make them  difficult to translate and localize. EnRus has a number of linguistic specialists who repeatedly performed to our high standards.

    Alex Kim Sales and Marketing Manager ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
  • Compaq Computer Corporation

    We have been working with the EnRus translation agency since early 1998. Our collaboration has been a positive experience. EnRus headed by Natalie Shahova is one of our most reliable partners, and those translators who work with Compaq can be characterized as professionals with the highest skills.

    Svyatoslav Sorokin Sales & Marketing Manager Compaq Russia
  • Lexmark

    Lexmark has been working with the EnRus translation agency since 1995. Throughout this period, we have actively used their services for translating technical documentation, presentations, press releases, and a variety of other documents. Based on the quality and promptness of the services provided by EnRus, we can recommend them without reservation as competent and experienced professional translators.

    Nadezhda Khairutdinova Marketing coordinator Lexmark
  • Microsoft Corporation

    When we wanted to translate Bill Gates's book, "Business @ The Speed of Thought" into Russian we went to EnRus. During that project, EnRus once again demonstrated their excellent command of both technical terms and literary language. As a customer for a considerable volume of translation and writing services in our company's field of specialization, the Moscow Representative Office of Microsoft is highly satisfied with our EnRus partnership and the quality of their services.

    Olga Dergunova Managing Director Microsoft, Moscow Representative Office
  • Hitachi

    Why do we use EnRus? It is not easy to find translators who understand the specifics of our industry, yet EnRus specialists successfully manage even the most difficult texts. They always meet deadlines, which at times may be very tight. There are occasions when work cannot wait till the start of the next business day, but EnRus is available both late in the evening and during the weekend and always prepared to accommodate our requirements. And finally, it is a real pleasure to receive such an individual, client-focused approach.

    Irina Schetinina Marketing & PR Manager Hitachi Data Systems, CIS Region
  • IDC

    We have employed EnRus to do a number of translation tasks over the last few years and have been very pleased with the results. They deliver on time, possess a thorough knowledge of IT terminology, and have a sense of ownership. Most importantly, they are meticulous in their work and consult all the necessary sources. Surprisingly few people realize that there is no one-to-one correlation between languages, and a direct equivalence too often does not simply exist. EnRus translations capture the meaning of the original as best as is possible, and I thoroughly recommend their services.

    Аlexander Alexandrov Research Operations Manager IDC Russia and CIS Countries
  • American Power Conversion

    APC Corporation has been a client of the EnRus translation agency since January 1996. We chose EnRus on a competitive basis from among numerous applicants. Throughout the period of our collaboration, EnRus has provided complex technical translations of unfailingly superb quality, combining precise expression with good style: even a technical text needs to be readable. EnRus' combination of technical competence and proper style is just what we had been seeking for so long.

    APC Corporation recommends EnRus as a highly professional translation agency in both specialty and general areas.

    Natalya Lomova Marketing Manager APC CIS